3 Unusual Attractions You’ll Only Find in Queens, NY


Queens, New York, has seen human habitation for over three centuries. It only stands to reason that it’s going to have its share of unusual things for visitors to see. People come up with the quirkiest things to create, and you might find that you stand in awe of the mind behind the idea.

There’s something about Queens that attracts those with ideas that don’t quite follow the mainstream. Take your feet off the beaten path of things to do in Queens and do something different for once. Following are three unusual attractions that you can only find in Queens and nowhere else.

Ganesh Temple of Queens

Originally built in 1977, the Ganesh Temple of Queens is operated by the Hindu Temple Society of North America and welcomes visitors of all faiths. The temple rises into the air as a faithful replica of Ganesh temples found in India.

You’ll find that you come for the architecture and stay a while to have a meal at the Temple Canteen. The canteen is located in the basement of the temple and serves up authentic South Indian food cafeteria-style. Where else can you go see the representation of Ganesh and other major deities, then get a delicious meal but at the Ganesh Temple of Queens?

Socrates Sculpture Park

Image via Flickr by jasonlam

Socrates Sculpture Park began as a riverside landfill where people illegally dumped trash. In 1986, a group of artists and members of the community turned it into an open-air studio and exhibition space. Over the years, it’s transformed itself into an official New York City public park and outdoor art museum. It’s open 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to sundown and admission is free. You’ll want to stay in a hotel that’s close to the park to get the most out of the exhibits. After all, where else can you find busts of Christopher Walken rising out of the ground?

Fort Tilden

Fort Tilden has seen its share of non-action through two world wars and the Cold War, but it’s losing the war against nature. This former artillery and Nike missile base was finally abandoned in 1974, and all of its hardware was removed by the military. Over time, the elements and Mother Nature have encroached upon the site, turning it into a post-apocalyptic scene. Sand dunes have partially covered the buildings, and brush is taking over entryways, railroad lines, and even the interiors of the buildings themselves.

Nowadays, Fort Tilden is owned by the National Park Service and is on the National Register of Historic Places. However, there’s been no restoration work on the site and you get to see the remnants in their stark state of decay.

Queens is an interesting place to visit with its history and cultural attractions, and they make for an interesting time. But you can make your visit more interesting by heading to these attractions and many others that are found in Queens. You’ll be glad you got to see the stranger side of life in Queens.