Beach Holiday in France – Do You Know Where to Go?


France is so much more than Paris and Cannes; its vast territory is home to numerous spectacular sights, experiences and flavors, from snowy peaks and idyllic countryside to romantic shorelines. With a very generous opening to the Atlantic Ocean as well as to the Mediterranean Sea, France offers plenty of options to tourists in love with beach holidays. Sadly, too few of these are aware of the top rated places to visit:

Biarritz, Acquitane

If you want to spend your holidays like royalty, then go to Plage de la Côte des Basques. This is also on the list of many A-listers. Explore the Basque Country and discover a unique and charming landscape, with its people and traditions. The waters are very shallow and the waves  usually small.

Les Calanques de Cassis

Limestone relief is known to be spectacular and this place makes no exception. Check this lovely Mediterranean beach in Cassis, with its hidden spots and discover these peculiar isles. The waters also have a most interesting color. It may not be a suitable place for watersports, not even for swimming, but it is certainly a visual treat and a haven for relaxation.

Palombaggia, Porto-Vecchio

The name sounds Italian and make no mistake – this is a Corsican beach and thus it belongs to France. Its sand is white and powdery, while its waters are a beautiful turquoise.


Saint-Malo in France is a legendary place; it’s one of those traditional spots for beach holidays. You’ve got urban clutter as well as unspoilt nature, clear waters and unbelievably golden sands, not to mention that there’s an old castle on an islet, too. No wonder this is such a popular destination. It’s also good for certain watersports, including boating.

Trestraou, Brittany

Famous for its fine sand, Trestraou is a beach favored by surfers and other watersport fans. It’s a destination suitable to families, even to those with small children. Off the coastline, you have several islands to explore. The views are magnificent, as with almost every beach spot in Brittany.

L’Anse de la Vierge

Also in Brittany, this is a wild and unsupervised beach for the more daring and adventurous. And because Brittany is full of splendid and unexpected vacation spots, the Beach Spot Online: Vacation to Brittany France may help you pick a beach that is truly suitable to you and your holiday needs.