Don’t Miss These Essentials Before Hiking With Your Dog!


It can be quite pleasing to have your dog for most outdoor activities. Dogs are inquisitive and like working out in the wild. In fact, there are many pet owners, who take their dogs almost everywhere. So, if you are planning a hiking weekend with the pooch, you have to do some initial research and must have a checklist.

The basics

First things first, make sure that your dog is fit for his first hike. Both older dogs and puppies are not good candidates for hiking and any form of strenuous activities. They might end up with bone and joint issues, which is the last thing you would want. Also, you need to ensure that the pet has all the required vaccinations. If required, take advice from the vet.

Things you need

  • A good harness. Harnesses are always better than collars, at least for extreme outdoors. The terrains can be bad, and your dog might need your assistance. Also, some dogs have a tendency to pull, so harness will offer better support and control. You can buy Ruffwear Palisades dog harness, which is one of the best for hiking pooches.
  • A good backpack. The harness mentioned above also has a pack, which is great for carrying the water and snacks. However, you can also buy an additional dog backpack, which can be quite handy. Just make sure that the dog is bogged down by the weight.
  • A tick repellent. In the wild, there are ticks, fleas and all sorts of other insects. You can get some form of repellent, which can be a collar or a spray. Always ensure that the dog is protected against possible skin issues.

  • Cute boots. This can be tricky. On hilly terrains, the paws can get hurt along the way and on the rocks. Now, all dogs don’t like wearing booties, but if your pet is fine with it, this is something that you can consider.
  • A collar tag. If your dog doesn’t have a microchip, you will need a collar tag, with your name and number on it. Secure the collar rightly, even if you have a harness on. You can also go for reflective or ‘glow in the dark’ collars, which can be extremely useful for finding your dog, in case he gets lost.

Pack these essentials, and you can have a great time in the wild with your furry buddy with you!