Save both time and money while visiting the Vatican


Vatican is the Papal kingdom with around a population of 1000 people. It’s the Holy See, the main seat of Christianity where people from across the globe come and visit the amazing museums and the cathedrals besides seeing the Pope waving to the subjects from his balcony.

Buy a tour

Being in Rome means you should buy one of the most sought after Vatican tours to come and visit the papal kingdom. The guided tours help tourists from across the globe to save their time and money. The tour operators arrange the tours in small groups or in one-on-one that are privately arranged with VIP services.

Choose weekdays over weekends

The guides know on which days they should bring the tourists. As the museums of Rome remain close on Mondays, most tourists flock down to explore Vatican on Mondays. So, better you avoid the weekends and the Mondays to visit the Vatican. Visit it from Tuesdays to Fridays. Again either you choose the early morning when they open the gates or choose to swipe into the gates by around 4 when the last slots of visitors enter the museums to avoid the rush.

Have your meals before visiting the museums

It’s strongly advised to have your meals or carry some food and a bottle of water along with you to avoid the local food joints or restaurants that charge extremely high for a slice of pizza or a bottle of water.

Book tickets online

You can book the museum tickets online or leave it to the conducted tours that you have purchased. Usually, the museums allow a free entry on the last Sundays of every month and on the World Tourism Day on September 27th every year.

Choose middle of January to March and again from November to mid-December known to be the off-season in Italy.